Highlights of Uniconnect International SIM cards

  • Cost of SIM is Rs.250/- onwards
  • Free INCOMING calls + free talk – time + Free Data ... Read More

Why Uniconnect International SIM card for USA is best ?

USA is an often visited destination both in terms of business and leisure. With international Airlines jostling with each other to provide very competitive rates for flying, overseas travellers are really in for a treat but whilst airfares are becoming affordable, international mobile bills on Indian Sim cards continue to ... Read More

Buy prepaid International SIM cards for overseas travels from Uniconnect only

Mobile communication is now a necessity for all classes of overseas travelers to be in touch with business associates, colleagues and family. International roaming can be very expensive unless the right mobile communication i.e International SIM cards are selected. We specialize in ... Read More

How Would You Be Benefit from an Uniconnect International SIM Cards for Europe

Are you thinking of traveling to Europe? Do you need to attend a business conference in Europe? Well, whether business trip or personal trip – visiting Europe will definitely be a memorable experience in your life. When making your checklist for things to do before traveling to Europe, you should include ... Read More

Can we purchase International SIM cards from destination country?

Yes ! International SIM cards can be availed at variety of counters and in different foreign airports, However it is time consuming as you have to locate counters & pay in their local currency & wait for international SIM card to get functional (active) ... Read More

How to Reduce the Cost for International Calling By Using Uniconnect Sim Card?

A global SIM card or international SIM is a specially designed SIM card for the travelers. Whether you are a frequent traveler or an occasional traveler - having this SIM card will help you to save your cost, especially in case of international roaming... Read More

Top 10 Reasons to Take Uniconnect International SIM Card before You Fly

Are you planning for a business or a personal trip to abroad? Well, in that case you probably have estimated your budget too. Estimating budget for the trip is a common practice, and almost every one of us does so.In budget estimation, major factors, like flight tickets, hotel booking, car hire charges,etc... Read More

5 Things that make Uniconnect the best Telecom for International SIM card

When travelling abroad, staying connected with your near and dear ones is important. Uniconnect is a leading provider of international sim cards, so on your next trip, don’t think twice about whom to approach for a competitively priced sim card for all countries... Read More

What Makes Uniconnect the best option in international SIM card segment

Everyone needs an International SIM card whilst travelling overseas, whether you travelling on business, holiday or a student migrating permanently. So far staying in touch with loved ones and colleagues was a very expensive option through your Indian number or even special international SIM cards sold in India. So most opted to go overseas and pick the SIM locally after doing the needful registration. However this meant that you didn’t have a number till you bought a SIM and it also meant some time and effort to find a shop and sometimes even overcome language barriers...Read More

Top 5 Benefits of Using Uniconnect international Roaming SIM card

Incase you keep your Indian cell phone whilst travelling overseas, and you receive calls on this, you are sure to be in for a shock on your return. All these SIMs from Uniconnect have free incoming, so no worries chat on...Read More